Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
National Rural Drinking Water Programme           

Entry Status of MPR

S. No. State Name Financial MPR Physical MPR School MPR SchmonthSchYearPhmonthPhYearStname Support MPR SupportDateSupportMonthSupportYear
1 ANDAMAN and NICOBAR March-2017 March-2017 March-2017 March201732017ANDAMAN and NICOBAR March-2015 March-201532015
2 ANDHRA PRADESH July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017ANDHRA PRADESH July-2017 July-201772017
3 ARUNACHAL PRADESH March-2017 March-2017 March-2017 March201732017ARUNACHAL PRADESH March-2017 March-201732017
4 ASSAM June-2017 June-2017 June-2017 June201762017ASSAM February-2017 February-201722017
5 BIHAR March-2017 March-2017 March-2017 March201732017BIHAR February-2017 February-201722017
6 CHATTISGARH July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017CHATTISGARH July-2017 July-201772017
7 GOA March-2017 Fully Covered State March-2017 March201732017GOA February-2017 February-201722017
8 GUJARAT July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017GUJARAT January-2017 January-201712017
9 HARYANA March-2017 March-2017 100% Schools Covered March201732017HARYANA July-2017 July-201772017
10 HIMACHAL PRADESH June-2017 June-2017 100% Schools Covered June201762017HIMACHAL PRADESH July-2017 July-201772017
11 JAMMU AND KASHMIR March-2017 March-2017 March-2017 March201732017JAMMU AND KASHMIR February-2017 February-201722017
12 JHARKHAND July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017JHARKHAND June-2017 June-201762017
13 KARNATAKA March-2017 March-2017 March-2017 March201732017KARNATAKA February-2016 February-201622016
14 KERALA July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017KERALA July-2017 July-201772017
15 MADHYA PRADESH July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017MADHYA PRADESH July-2017 July-201772017
16 MAHARASHTRA July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017MAHARASHTRA July-2017 July-201772017
17 MANIPUR March-2017 March-2017 March-2017 March201732017MANIPUR February-2017 February-201722017
18 MEGHALAYA July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017MEGHALAYA June-2017 June-201762017
19 MIZORAM May-2017 May-2017 May-2017 May201752017MIZORAM February-2017 February-201722017
20 NAGALAND March-2017 March-2017 March-2017 March201732017NAGALAND February-2017 February-201722017
21 ODISHA July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017ODISHA January-2016 January-201612016
22 PUDUCHERRY March-2017 March-2017 March-2017 March201732017PUDUCHERRY July-2014 July-201472014
23 PUNJAB July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017PUNJAB July-2017 July-201772017
24 RAJASTHAN July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017RAJASTHAN December-2016 December-2016122016
25 SIKKIM March-2017 March-2017 March-2017 March201732017SIKKIM March-2016 March-201632016
26 TAMIL NADU June-2017 June-2017 June-2017 June201762017TAMIL NADU June-2017 June-201762017
27 TELANGANA July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017TELANGANA June-2017 June-201762017
28 TRIPURA July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017TRIPURA July-2017 July-201772017
29 UTTAR PRADESH March-2017 March-2017 March-2017 March201732017UTTAR PRADESH March-2017 March-201732017
30 UTTARAKHAND June-2017 June-2017 June-2017 June201762017UTTARAKHAND June-2017 June-201762017
31 WEST BENGAL July-2017 July-2017 July-2017 July201772017WEST BENGAL July-2017 July-201772017
Report Printed on 19 / 8 / 2017
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