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Habitation Profile
State Name: HARYANADistrict Name: KAITHALBlock Name: PUNDRI
Gram Panchayat Name: SANGROLIVillage Name: SANGROLIHabitation Name: SANGROLI
Abstract Data
Total Population (As on 01/04/2009)
GEN - 4766 SC - 789 ST - 0
Population Covered (As on 01/04/2009)
GEN - 4766 SC - 789 ST - 0
No. of Households (As on 01/04/2003) 777
No. of Cattles (As on 01/04/2003) 1060
No. of Existing Sources/Delivery Points/Standpost 4
No. of Safe Sources/Delivery Points/Standpost 4
Water Supply Coverage Status (As on 01/04/2009) Covered
Water Supply Coverage Status Upto the end of October 2018 Covered
Water Quality Contamination None
SPOT Sources Reported
S. No.Source TypeSource Type CategoryLocationScheme Details
1 Deep TubewellGround Water In habitation Details
2 Deep TubewellGround Water TW-KTL-SANGRAULLI No. 2 Details
3 Deep TubewellGround Water In habitation Details
Delivery Point Reported
S. No.Village NameHabitation NameLocationScheme Details
Existing Private/Public Sources Reported
S. No.Year Of InstallationSource Type CategoryType of SourceLocation / Name of House Owner
1 1984 Ground Water Deep TubewellWW-KTL-SANGROULI
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